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Solid Ground Wellness promotes the principle that in order to achieve optimal wellness the individual’s well-being on an integrated and holistic level should be considered. Our overall well-being is intricately connected to our daily thoughts, actions and emotions, all of which are connected both to present time life issues and historical life issues. We may be compromising our well-being by re-creating unhealthy choices and behaviours.

Achieving wellness is a dynamic process of waking up to ourselves, to creating awareness, resolve and positive change to the life issues that hold us back from achieving our potential. The process of creating wellness means bringing into our lives conscious choices and changes that increasingly shift us toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is a constant process of change and growth.

Pam Gillingham

Pam has been in practice as a Social Worker for 27 years, both in the NGO, tertiary educational environments, as well as in Private Practice. She spearheaded specialised services in the field of gender equity issues, sexual and racial harassment; recovery from sexual abuse, rape and gender-based violence at Wits University for several years. Since 2013 Pam held the position of Director of The Family Life Centre, Families South Africa Johannesburg, which is a family services focused NGO.

Her private practice offers a range of family-based therapies where the focus is on building emotional aptitude for individuals and relationships with a specific focus on holistic individual well-being and healthy family dynamics. This includes parenting, individual and relationship counselling, family therapy and a number of support groups. Specializing in medium to long term therapeutic work, Pam offers these therapies in a variety of contexts.

 Her practice includes the therapeutic integration of research-based alternative techniques for trauma and stress reduction, including mindfulness-based practices.

Solid Ground - Pam Gillingham

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”
Helen Keller

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