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In keeping with an international trend towards Alternate Dispute Resolution, mediation is a growing profession within South Africa. We have a pool of trained mediators to assist with all aspects of separation and divorce. The process offers a more cost-effective and generally quicker way of resolving issues relating to co-parenting, the division of assets and maintenance matters. Parties are able to keep control of the process. All sessions are confidential, and entirely without prejudice (off the record).

Our co-mediation model offers a holistic approach to achieving a mutually beneficial solution.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.”
Winston Churchill

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Trudi Bisset

Trudi Bisset is an admitted non practising attorney.

She trained as a Family and Divorce mediator in 2012, and has been mediating in the NGO world since then. She has also trained as a commercial and workplace mediator.

Trudi is firmly committed to the concept of “appropriate dispute resolution”, particularly when it comes to family matters. She is an experienced mediator, and assists with accredited training in the Family and Divorce mediation field. She has also managed mediation services provided through a family services focused NGO. Trudi also provided legal information relating to separation and divorce.

She believes in professional, ethical and affordable mediation as an effective settlement option.

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